Oregon State Trooper gets schooled by Lamborghini driver from Dubai

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A video added to YouTube a little over two weeks ago has gone viral after a Dubai citizen gets pulled over in his Lamborghini while traveling through Oregon. Stig’s Persian Cousin (awesome name) was driving his Lamborghini STS when he was pulled over for having a foreign license plate on his car. In the video you’ll see that the driver calmly tries to explain how the temporary import law works but no matter what, the cop would not let go of his “I know everything” mentality. The situation drags out as the cop questions the documents and tries to tell him that his proof of insurance was not real. Eventually the cop takes the documents back to his vehicle and realizes that he probably made a mistake. When he comes back to the car he claims that he “has to run to another call” and took off. I guess he’ll know for next time!

Federal temporary import laws for personal use: